Advancing Progress in Neuroendoscopy

The International Federation of Neuroendoscopy (IFNE) seeks to promote the use of neuroendoscopy
and other related minimally invasive neurosurgical techniques throughout
the world by encouraging the ethical transmission and exchange
of scientific information and techniques related to Neuroendoscopy.

The Next IFNE Congress

November 21-24, 2019
Orlando, Florida, USA

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IFNE Membership

The Federation has four different types of membership:

• Active Members: neurosurgeons practising neuroendoscopy
• Associate Members: individuals from technological fileds, nurses and doctors
non-neurosurgeons interested neuroendoscopy
• Affiliated Societies Members: Societies affiliated to IFNE
• Honorary Members

Active membership includes a small symbolic fee which is included in the registration fee of the World Congress of the Federation.
Associate membership includes a reduced fee, included in the registration fee of the World Congress.

Neurosurgeons and other individuals interested to become members should contact the Secretary of the Federation.