President’s corner by Spyros Sgouros

As we are approaching the 8th World Congress of Neuroendoscopy, which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 1-3 November 2017, it is a good time to reflect on accomplishments of the last two years. IFNE has grown substantially during this time. The very successful 7th World Congress, which was held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico two years ago, gave us significant momentum for progress.

The structure and function of the Federation has firmed up. The Executive Board is staffed by enthusiastic colleagues, representing all trends and geographical regions of the world, and this gives a universal character to IFNE. We have already planned the next two Congresses, in Saint Louis, USA in 2019 and in Singapore in 2021. We will continue to rotate throughout the continents, to enhance our presence.

Our new website which was launched in January 2016, with its minimal modernity and effective functionality, is now the centre point for contact and communication of all neuroendoscopists worldwide. Almost every day we get new requests from potential candidate members, who want to join the big family of IFNE.

The main function of the Federation is to promote education and science in the field of neuroendocopy.

The various courses, which were already being organized by prominent expert neuroendoscopists around the world (Napoli, Homburg-Saar, Greifswald, Saint Louis, Tyumen and others), are gradually coming under the aegis of IFNE, and we are working together to streamline them in content and scope in the near future, to create an educational curriculum.

Another ambitious project already under way is the creation of guidelines for endoscopic third ventriculostomy, which hopefully will be published next year.

Many young surgeons have been asking me the past two years about neuroendoscopy fellowships. We are discussing proposals on IFNE-endorsed fellowships, that some departments have expressed the wish to offer, which will offer great training opportunity for aspiring young neurosurgeons who want to further expand their neuroendoscopy skills.

During the Cape Town meeting, a new ambitious project will be unveiled, the “Encyclopedia of Neuroendoscopic Procedures”. This is intended to be an all-encompassing online educational tool on all technical surgical matters for all types of endoscopic procedures, focusing on technique variations, rather than on pathology or indications.

Administratively, IFNE made in 2017 a big step forward. Last January we teamed up with Erasmus SA, who is our new core Professional Congress Organiser, and provides everyday administrative support to all members, starting from the Napoli course of January 2018. This has improved dramatically communication and administration issues, with obvious tangible benefits, and hopefully will improve financial aspects, which will allow IFNE to invest further in education.

And of course, the forthcoming 8th World Congress in Cape Town is billed to be a huge success. A great scientific programme has been compiled by our Education Chairman Joachim Oertel and the local organizing team under the leadership of Congress Chairman Llwellyn Padayachy has gone to great lengths to ensure a great scientific and social experience.

IFNE has grown to represent all neuroendoscopists worldwide. It has a great future, for which we will all work tirelessly, fermenting further our friendships.

I hope to see you all in Cape Town!

Spyros Sgouros
IFNE President 2015-2017

25th September 2017

Executive Board 2017-2019

Honorary President
Bernard Bauer

Honorary President
Shizuo Oi

Honorary president
Shlomi Constantini

Giuseppe Cinalli

Spyros Sgouros

Henry Schroeder

Alvaro Cordova

Kenichi Nishiyama

Abhaya Kulkarni

Joachim Oertel

Samer Elbabaa

Davide Locatelli

Adrian Caceres

Neelam Venkataramana

2019 Congress Chairman
Samer Elbabaa

Shizuo Oi

Continental Representatives

North America
George Jallo
Jay Riva Cambrin

Latin America
Carlos Gagliardi Via GLEN
Samuel Zymberg

Salman Sharif
Seow Wan Tew

David Oluoch-Olunya
Llewellyn Padaychy

Armen Melikian
Stefan Wolfsberger

The Next IFNE Congress

November 21-24, 2019
Orlando, Florida, USA